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"Dear Diary: Today my heart leapt when Agent Scully suggested spontaneous human combustion."

the x files season 6

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The X Files

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Mulder: When you were admitted you said that, the baby’s father was from another planet. What did you mean by that exactly?
Amanda: Well, you know, that…he’s not from this planet.
Mulder: Were you abducted?
Amanda: Huh? No, no. He dropped by my apartment one day and one thing sort of led to another.

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I was certain they would’ve killed you, mulder.

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I trust him as much as anyone. I’d trust him with my life […] i know it sounds crazy, but I don’t want him to know how much this is bothering me. I don’t want him to think he has to protect me.
(2.13, ‘Irresistible’)

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top 10 mulder/scully episodes;
i don’t trust them. i want to trust you.
(1.08, ‘Ice’)

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You want your independence
But you won’t let me let you go
You wanna test the waters
And leave it on the empty shores

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