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hannibaladies meme 1/5 ladies
clarice starling

Starling had succeeded in FBI training because she had nothing to fall back on. She survived most of her life in institutions, by respecting them and playing hard and well by the rules. She had always advanced, won the scholarship, made the team. Her failure to advance in the FBI after a brilliant start was a new and awful, experience for her. She batted against the glass ceiling like a bee in a bottle.

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This movie was gold I don’t care what anyone says

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lotr meme → 5/8 quotes

And the fellowship of the ring… though eternally bound by friendship and love… was ended.

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The Social Network
dir. David Fincher

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Do you believe in fairies? Say quick that you believe. If you believe, clap your hands!

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D O N ’ T   L E T   G O .

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The Departed, dir. Martin Scorsese (2006)

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God damn that’s a pretty fucking good milkshake.

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