Female Ass-Kickers Challenge 

Theme Seven:  Earth Day

Sons of Anarchy ~ Tara Knowles

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The Tara haters love Jax and Jax loves Tara so therein lies the confusion, you know, because those people out there who are like ‘Tara needs to die,’ I find that confusing on a number of levels. I understand that she breaks the code these people live by and that we’re invested in this code and in Jax and in loyalty, and she has also served as a portal for the audience to love these people and understand these people. But … if you root for Jax, then you sort of root for Tara and Jax because they love each other. She’s a big part of his happiness. So, I don’t know, I think the Tara haters are a little bit irrational.

 Maggie Siff, talking about Tara haters.


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Kat Graham - 5th Annual ELLE Women In Music Celebration Presented 

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Stella Gibson - 1x03 Insolence & Wine

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The X Files Season Two GifFest                 
The X Files -
2x04 - 'Sleepless'

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